Anyone who criticizes things to detect date rape drugs, like the straws or the nail polish, because it “promotes” date rape, first off, you’re a fucking idiot.

But more importantly…

I hope you never wear a seat belt because that just promotes reckless driving. You better not lock your doors either, because that promotes burglary. And definitely don’t support retailers who use security cameras, because they’re excusing theft.

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Sign my petition you motherfuckers.

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A bunch of previously unpublished fusions (except for the super-fluffy ampharia). One of these is not like the others ehehehe.

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Gonna tag all my pokemon tcg posts as ptcg or ptcgo from now on so you guys can blacklist that if you want!

I’m gonna really look forward to Mondays from now on. I’m subscribed now to a youtuber that does pokemon tcgo videos and they have a segment called bad deck Monday. I’ve been wanting to build this bad deck for funzies but didn’t have the cards and it wouldn’t be worth it to trade for them so when I saw that their bad deck Monday video featured it I got super excited!

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The number of infomercials I hear regularly because of the tv in the break room is probably unhealthy.

According to Nintendo Waluigi isn't related to Wario





He’s just some guy who randomly showed up one day that became friends with Wario. That makes it even better. Nobody knows where Waluigi came from. He just exists.

whats even better is that Waluigi’s first…



i saw a white boy playing an acoustic guitar on his porch so i yelled at him “play wonderwall” and he said he never heard of that song god what’s the fucking point of white boys if u can’t even make fun of them

How about the fact they’re human beings and deserve at least a basic level of common courtesy just like everyone else?

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My job pretty much requires me to stay up for 24 hours at least once a week. I have no reason to keep this job tbh I’m pretty sure the only reason I haven’t quit yet is because of my pride. God I’m a lil shit.

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